Breeding - History.

Welcome at our breedingfarm.
Our farm is located in Belgium a 100 km.from Brussels and 250km from Paris. We sell foals, youngsters and  promising sporthorses.  We  also can use embryo-transfer,so the genitic is avaible If we can be more helpful to you, Please contact us.With friendly regards.
The Belgian breeders of sporthorses are using since longtimes sires and progenitors from all over Europe, our studbooks came at international level using the best  progenitors out of other studbooks.The flag-carriers  were Joli Coeur (Sloothaak, French  bred Major de la cour), Darco (Phillipaerts, German bred Lugano), Jus de pommes ( Kirchoff  French bred Primo des Bruyères) at this moment is Parco (Darco -Attack Z ; see our OLIVIA- line) at Worldtoplevel.  But the first Belgian Bred  that placed the Belgian Sporthorse on the map was without a doubt BIG BEN,  what Deister was for Germany, what Jappeloup was for France, what Milton was h was Big Ben for Belgium and Canada.  We are very proubt to have the halfsister of Big Ben in our stables,  as you will see Big Ben was not a lucky goal but is coming out of  a motherline with gave more horses at Worldlevel.As you can see, in order to breed the best sporthorse, we must have the best mares and the best stallions "Only the best is good enough"Living in the heart of  Europe, at 3 hours of distance from Normandy and Holstein,  we can follow  all competions for young horses all over Europe,  we can value on the field the new coming stars.We  have 6 lines  to present you.