Wizard v/d Bunte Thoas du Theillet Narcos II Fair Play III
Icone Night and Day XX
Nistria van Thornesele Prince Royal Ukase
Gondole Royal
Grandiosa Furioso

Prince Royal Jumping competion  Ph. Lejeune  int. level .Sire of Jux (Monterrey la Silla) int. Star and champion of Belgium  6 years - also sire of  Jorn van Koekenhuyze Champion of  Spain and winner World cup IndioThe dam of Nistria is also the dam of Kathinka  van Thornesele final Worldcup7 jarigen Lanaken and winner G.P. 1,50 with  Nancy Huismans sportname  Kiss de Lys, Kathinka is also the dam off the stallion Centolys sire in the stud off Paul Schockemohle

Offspring Wizard v/d Bunte
Desire v/d Bunte
Ruin 20/04/2003
Bloody Mary v/d Bunte
Mare 21/03/2007
Father: Qredo de Paulstra
Qu'Elle Follie v/d Bunte
Mare 25/03/2008
Father:Qredo de Paulstra
Quality v/d Bunte
Mare 15/04/2009
Father: Qredo de Paulstra
Uraya v/d Bunte
Mare 15/04/2010
Father: Ustinov