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The Kobold Wizard's Dildo of Enlightenment +2 (an Adventure for Players, Levels | Mellick, Carlton, III | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für​. The Kobold Guide to Game Design: Adventures (English Edition) eBook: Baur, Wolfgang, Greenwood, Ed, Baker, Keith, Logue, Nicolas: debunte.be Kobold adventure. Kagashakar. Reception and impact[ kobold ] Pittiplatsch on a Children's Day stamp fromillustrated by Werner Klemke Pittiplatsch. KOBOLD Guide to Game Design, Vol. 1 - Ever wondered what it takes to make it as a freelancer? Want to improve your homebrew adventures? The KOBOLD. - Kobold cave. D&D Magazine Adventures originally created for the adventure Hall of the Fire Giant King from issue # of Dungeon Magazine.

Kobold Adventure

Kobold Zombie - Custom Card - If the check to defeat does not include the Fire, Acid, or Magic trait, the Kobold Zombie is undefeated regardless of th. Merlokrep, Kobold King - Custom Card - Before the encounter, each character The difficulty of the check to defeat is increased by two times the adventure deck​. KOBOLD Guide to Game Design, Vol. 1 - Ever wondered what it takes to make it as a freelancer? Want to improve your homebrew adventures? The KOBOLD. At school once more, the introverted lizard played her imagination-driven rock-games during breaks. I tried going into the developers console, it turns out that Fifa 19 Ultimate really tell me what Kobold Adventure Beste Spielothek in Laake finden was, however I was able to find the savegames Beste Spielothek in Tschwarzen finden the developers console under the 'storage' tab, then local storage on the left list, then clicking koboldadventure on the drop down menu brought up the save games list Kobold Adventure let me delete them manually using the console. Scared shitless, Kitty's mother did her best to bar both the front and the back doors, succeeding at holding back the murderous crowd. And so, Cassidy was exposed to sex for the first time in her life, coming home to her father crying in a corner, bruised and beaten, her mother howling in pleasure from the bedroom, wildly riding a burly horse's impressive length, not even caring that her daughter was looking on from the open doorway. It was his last Paypal Aktionscodethat she stay as far away from her mother's corruptive influence as she possibly could. But, or so the headmaster promised, if she let the mages' guild guide her, then they Freecell Green make Beste Spielothek in HochbrГјck finden that nothing like that would ever happen again. Eurojaclpot nights, sometimes even multiple in a row, Cassidy was made to spend at a nearby inn, to save her from the worst of the violence. Even during the sparse few Beste Spielothek in Kerperscheid finden when Onyx was too busy to drug and rape his own son, the heir's girly body remained exceedingly sensitive. Kobold Adventure

GravGrav said:. RedPillBlues said:. PoyntFury said:. This game seems to be suffering from the "wider than it is deep" issue.

GoldenXSolar said:. MontyKino Active Member. May 19, Reactions: TinkeringTurian. Erik Member. Jul 5, This is a tantilizing an interesting game.

Well writen, with no noticable errors in grammar no engrish in my opinion. It is also pretty decent in size based on the paths sofar ive seen.

Branching off into diferent stories, that ocasionaly intersect at later stages, it does have its fair share of yet closed off content due to being unable to select the options despite the stat check going ok apparently.

But this doesnt hinder as much considering the afore mentioned content being decent in size. Definitly looking forward to more, it reminds me alot of "My very own Lith" in terms of gameplay.

Good luck. Reactions: Eldar. Sangoku25 Active Member. Jul 3, This is not a full game lol is a demo XD There is no content beyond this point.

Eldar Porn Connoisseur Donor. Aug 28, 21 This, is an extremely well written game. It has some very nice scenes and gets interesting right from the start, due to a captivating story.

Thank you, for this hidden gem! Kalenz Member. Dec 13, More of a text game than a VN. Apr 20, 11 4.

Hell yeah, love this game, nice to see it here! For a little bit, Diamonde feared she was going to get killed.

Later on, she would come to wish that she had died, that fateful night. The young dragoness was taken to her parents, who had likewise become prisoners of war.

In front of their daughter's innocent eyes, they were brutally tortured, raped and eventually beheaded by the tribesmen. The traumatized maiden herself was handed to the warchief's son, named Onyx Khan.

Taking her back to her own room, the pureblood had his way with Diamonde, the sheer size difference between the two, combined with the painfully unique shape of his member ensuring that nothing went over as easy as it should have.

In the span of a few hours, the queen-to-be had lost her kingdom, her parents, her virginity, her innocence and her will to live.

But her deathwish was not granted. The invaders still had use of her. After a sleepless night, while she was still in the middle of mourning her family, the girl was forcibly dressed in a crude tribal gown, before getting married against her will to the very dragon that had claimed her body.

At first, she didn't understand why. Why the hell did the brute want to marry her? Let alone in a civilized church, in front of an ordained priest of Armok.

When she realized she was about to be wed against her will, her mind had conceived some savage, carnal tent-camp ritual.

But, besides the tribals' hollering and hooting, cheering for their comrade while making fun of the priest and the princess both, it was almost a regular wedding.

Why were they suddenly so keen on adapting to impure dragon standards? What was in it for them? That question was answered, when at the end of the degrading ceremony, a crown was brought to the blood-filled bowl altar.

Diamonde knew that crown all too well. It was her father's. And now, with his death, it was supposed to be hers.

But she was not getting crowned that day. No, her new husband was appointed the king of the western dragon realm, while his pretty wife was completely brushed aside, entirely forgotten overnight by the easily swayed populace.

She might as well have been dead, for all the outside world cared. The powerless queen was left to grieve and wallow in sorrow, while king Onyx bent laws, councils, generals, guilds and entire cities to his will.

Apart from having a nubile, impure little draconic trophy to toy with at night, he was as uninterested in Diamonde as she was in him.

While he took pleasure in ruining her body for lesser males by forcing her to take more and more of his oversized member with every passing day, the newly crowned ruler preferred to spend his time with other pureblooded lizards.

Especially the women of his tribe grew newfound appreciation for the chief's son turned king. Again, change came from an unexpected angle.

Several months after Onyx' coronation, Diamonde's belly began to swell. She was pregnant. Not allowed to see any man but her husband, there was no doubt that he was the father.

She was carrying a savage child. The queen desperately wanted to detest the baby growing within her. It was the offspring of the man she hated above all.

But maternal instincts are hard to fight. She couldn't find it in her heart to fault her unborn child. Onyx, too, was slowly coming around to becoming a father.

Sure, he'd probably knocked up half a dozen tribeswomen by now, but none of those kids would eventually come to replace him. It was only his royal spouse's offspring that could become the heir to his newly acquired kingdom, not the many bastards he'd sired.

And crossbreed or not, he felt like that made this unborn child special. Gradually, the king began to treat his wife as less than a fucktoy , and more of an actual woman.

After being confined to her room for oh-so-long, Diamonde was finally allowed to roam the palace grounds freely once more.

She had hoped some of the old guards would still be around, so she could maybe try to organize a revolution of some sort.

But alas, the entire estate was filled with nothing but savages and bootlickers, and it wasn't like a pregnant woman could do much on her own, especially not against brutes more than twice her size.

Comparing the queen to her husband was like comparing a kobold to a regular dragon. Almost every night, she was surprised anew by just how much of his massive member he could cram inside of her.

Now that she was pregnant, Onyx' fucking was growing more tender with every passing day, at least compared to how brutal and at times downright violent he'd been with her up until then.

Still, Diamonde was unsure if he was simply concerned for the baby's wellbeing, or if he was actually opening up to her.

Whatever the case, it was nice to have some foreplay , for once. And for being a gigantic killing machine , the former tribal warrior did have a hint of grace to him when fondling her sensitive, lactating breasts.

For the first time ever, Diamonde began to feel pleasure while getting fucked by Onyx. Perhaps it was the extra attention he paid to her body, or maybe it was the added hormones driving her crazy.

Regardless, the queen found herself moaning and writhing in pleasure instead of in pain. For a split-second before he finished, Diamonde event felt a hint of affection towards her husband.

Probably just a heat of the moment thing. She could never grow to love the man that killed her parents and usurped her kingdom. Although he was extraordinarly skilled with his hands and his tongue.

It wasn't too long after the first time that Onyx made love to Diamonde instead of selfishly pumping and dumping, that the queen gave birth to their first child together.

It was a laborious delivery, the baby far too big for an ordinary dragon woman to handle, thanks to the father's pure-blooded genes.

Tribal women lay eggs, but no such luck here. After the most painful twelve hours of her life, out came a beautiful, blue-scaled baby girl.

Saphira, they decided to name her. The king was enamored by his newborn daughter. For a few days, all he did was show the girl around the court, gleeful and overly proud of the fruit of his loins.

Diamonde, meanwhile, was recovering in her room, unable to even walk for the following few days. But, despite his wife having just given birth, Onyx was as virile and as lusty as ever.

Even before she could get on her feet, he was already bedding her once more, eager to put another bun in the oven. And so, the powerless queen gave birth to three children in total, growing slightly closer to her abusive husband every time her belly began to swell.

Eventually, she was allowed a spot next to him on the throne, although it was clear that her opinion was both unwanted and unvalued amidst the savages that were now in charge of the realm's affairs.

Still, sitting in the throne room alone at the very least allowed her to dream about what could have been. And while she was growing less certain about whether or not she'd want things to be different, if given the chance to do it all over again, there was always a dim flame of ambition burning deep inside of her, a determination to see her birthright through, that would never falter, that would never fade.

In front of their daughter's innocent eyes, they were brutally tortured, humiliated and eventually beheaded by the tribesmen.

Taking her back to her own room, the pureblood had his way with Diamonde. The newly crowned ruler preferred to spend his time with other pureblooded lizards.

Gradually, the king began to treat his wife as less than a toy , and more of an actual woman. It wasn't too long after the onset of Onyx' kindness, that the queen gave birth to their first child together.

With her husband as lusty as ever, the powerless queen ended up giving birth to three children in total, growing slightly closer to her abusive husband every time her belly began to swell.

Emeraude is the youngest child of king Onyx, the ruler of the western draconic kingdom. As the firstborn son, the young dragon is the rightful heir to his father's realm, despite having two older sisters.

This does not sit well with the black-scaled monarch, who had groomed his oldest daughter, Saphira, to succeed him. Feeling threatened by the younger male, the patriarch has gone through extreme lengths, to ensure that his son will never grow strong enough to usurp the throne.

Emeraude's birth was a cause for great celebration for the king and his queen. Dragons are notoriously infertile , so for a royal couple to sire not one, but three successors, was an extraordinary feat in its own right.

Still, after having spent years ensuring his favorite daughter would be fit to rule, the news that his latest child was a boy , and the implications that the baby's gender brought with, had the ruler predisposed against his own kin from the very start.

From a young age onwards, the dragon prince was secretly fed a constant supply of the feminizing agent known as FemPlus. The alchemically brewed liquid was poured into his bathwater, slipped into his food, and added to his drinks.

His father was intent on turning him into a girl , so his older sister could claim the throne still. But, while having a visible effect on the boy's physique, the dosage simply wasn't enough to make him switch genders altogether.

Thus, Emeraude grew up to be a weak, effeminate male, more soft than burly, with a curvy body that could easily be mistaken for that of a woman, were it not for his flat chest.

When Saphira was found fooling around with her sister, the favored sibling was sent away to Varanar. Onyx resorted to fucking Ruby straight, breeding her day-in, day-out, for an entire week on end, until she grew addicted to his cock.

As his daughter learned to love the daily abuse, a wicked idea emerged in the king's mind. He could do the same to his girly son.

For the first time in his life, Emeraude experienced sex , not at the hands of a skilled courtesan, but in the form of his big, hunky father pinning him to his bed, mercilessly pounding his bubbly butt, while the adolescent boy begged for mercy.

But instead of letting up, Onyx began to apply various aphrodisiacs and rub-in drugs, sinking the prince into an unwanted delirium of pleasure, rutting and mating until they were both fully spent.

And so, like he had done to Ruby, Onyx began to violate his son on a daily basis. All three of the boy's holes were repeatedly fucked, against his will.

He was forced to serve, in every way imaginable. During each session , he was forced to down more FemPlus, fed enough aphrodisiac for a single touch to set him off, and drugged to the point of not even remembering his own name, broken down to his very core.

Unlike his sister, however, the green-scaled dragon hated every minute of his abuse. Emeraude didn't want this. He didn't want to be some girly boy that got off from getting his butt played with.

He wanted to be a man , worthy of succeeding his father. But what the young lizard wanted, didn't matter one bit.

The king's mind was made up. And over time, even Diamonde, the queen, grew convinced that feminizing her one and only son was the right course of action.

The lasting effects of the various substances the prince was forced to take, were rapidly starting to stack. Even during the sparse few days when Onyx was too busy to drug and rape his own son, the heir's girly body remained exceedingly sensitive.

His sex drive was unusually high. He had frequent, dirty daydreams about getting molested, snapping awake out of sheer disdain for himself, cursing his mind for slowly beginning to accept his new place.

Were these changes permanent? Or would they fade, after some time away from his sadistic father? Was there a way to revert them, perhaps?

The boy was uncertain. The only thing he know for sure, was that he'd never find out by staying at the palace.

He had to leave. To flee. To vanish into the night, and never look back. The green-scaled dragon would never relent to becoming a plaything for his patriarch.

He was the prince of this land, and after the old man kicked the bucket, he would come to rule, no matter how much his family wanted him gone.

He would not be denied his place, as the lawful successor of the west draconic kingdom. Alas, Emeraude's cock was rapidly shrinking, growing smaller with every passing day, the sheer volume of FemPlus he was made to drink finally sufficient to start altering more than just his lithe figure.

A few months more, and his transformation would be complete, forfeiting his chance at the throne. An opportunity for escape presented itself, in the form of Saphira returning from the human capital.

For reasons unknown to him, the boy's sister was gathering a contingent of knights, with which to return to human lands.

With their parents out of town, it was perfect timing. Emeraude snuck out of the palace, and bartered away a few family heirlooms in return for a horse and an old, rusty set of armor.

Disguising himself as a knight, he joined the convoy to Varanar City, hoping to escape his father's grasp. Onyx spent more time with Ruby, to steer her onto the right path, keeping her company day-in, day-out, for an entire week on end, until she grew addicted to his presence.

As his daughter turned out alright, an idea emerged in the king's mind. Grow a bond with the boy, to prevent him from ever wanting to usurp the throne in the first place.

For the first time in his life, Emeraude was showered in attention, not by the many nurses and nannies, but by his big, hunky father, who walked him around town, showing him everything there was to see.

But instead of letting his son take care of his own problems, the king was exceedingly overbearing, humiliating the growing prince more than once.

The small lizard quickly grew to hate going on walks with his father. But, even against his will, he was forced to accompany the older dragon.

During each outing, he was further humiliated and degraded, treated like a baby in public, in front of his future subjects. Unlike his sister, the green-scaled dragon hated every minute of time spent with his patriarch.

He didn't want to be some coddled daddy's boy that never got his hands dirty. But what the heir wanted, didn't matter one bit.

And over time, even Diamonde, the queen, grew convinced that her husband spending more time with her one and only son was beneficial for the family.

The lasting effects of the malicious substances the prince was made to take, were rapidly starting to stack. His body was changing, growing more curvaceous and lithe.

Or would they fade, after some time without taking FemPlus? The green-scaled dragon would never relent to becoming a girl , so his sister could ascend the throne.

He was the prince of this land, and after the old man kicked the bucket, he would come to rule, no matter how much his family wanted Saphira to.

But in order to retain the last remnants of his masculinity, he had to flee. Erik Tolstand is an ever-cheerful human brigand who never shies away from a pint of ale, a good fight or both.

Together with his lupine childhood friend Fenrir, and with his feral dog Rex by his side, he leads an infamous gang known as the Furskin Mountain-Crew.

A quote from the wolf, during one of their raids: "You see that friendly guy standing back there? The one with the smile.

Looks nice enough, right? One gesture from me, and he'll put an arrow through your skull before you ever see it coming.

Now, show me to your daughter's bedroom, and bring me a bottle of wine. I'll make her call me daddy , too.

Erik traumatically witnessed his parents perish at the hands of a group of lawmen at an early age. A minor kerfuffle that quickly grew out of hand.

With only Rex, the loyal dog, left to protect him, he wandered the streets of his hometown looking for anyone that would take him in.

Starving and parched, the orphaned child was taken in by a group of roaming outcasts. Over the coming few years, they would grow to become his new family.

The young human was taught how to hunt by his new comrades, eager to get him to pull his own weight. He showed a real knack for archery, drawing bows more than twice his own size!

Every shot was on the mark. A natural, true-born talent. The canine, too, was a helpful asset out in the woods. Whatever animal Rex tracked, Erik killed.

Thanks to their aid, the group never went hungry. Eventually, the exiles roamed north, towards a small town called Furskin.

Squatting in an abandoned house, they settled down for a small while to settle some affairs. And that's where Erik met Fenrir, a local wolf boy down on his luck.

The coming weeks were the best in the human's young life thus far. For the first time ever, he'd found a friend his age. And it felt good , to play and fool around instead of worrying about survival all day, every day.

More and more, the town was starting to feel like home. But after an unfortunate incident , the outcasts, along with the young human, were driven away from their illicit household by an angry mob.

Hounded relentlessly by the local lawmen, they got chased throughout the countryside, forced to migrate elsewhere or risk being put to the sword.

Poor Erik was heartbroken. He'd finally had a taste of what it meant to live a normal life, only to have it torn away from him far too soon.

Depressed, and upset with his family for forfeiting Furskin without a fight, the boy left the group, vanishing into a nearby forest overnight.

Most of his young adulthood, Erik spent living off the land. Honing his hunting technique, he poached deer, rabbits, foxes, ducks, boars and even a bear every now and again.

He fashioned his own crude clothing along with a makeshift sleeping bag out of pelts, kept the largest bones for Rex, and always threw the pooch a slab of meat after having his own fill.

Trading with a nearby village for salt, he could preserve some food for winter. As nights grew ever-colder, a few trees were felled and a hunting cabin was slowly erected over the course of several frigid days.

A campfire felt twice as warm when enclosed. For years on end, the hunter lived in self-imposed isolation, emerging from the forest only to barter for things the woods could not provide.

While solitary subsistence was fulfilling and wholesome, Erik kept reminiscing about how things used to be, before he ran away. Particularly, his time spent at Furskin.

He missed being around people, and he especially missed his one and only friend. Come morning time, after a compelling dream, the human packed up his things, and left his home in the woods, returning to civilization.

Due to a cruel twist of fate, Fenrir had set off on his bounty hunter adventures mere weeks before Erik's return to Furskin. Incapable of finding his old friend, the human felt even more dejected than before, blaming himself for waiting too long.

After several days of constant drinking and booze-hounding, the former woodsman encountered a group of like-minded individuals hanging around the tavern.

They shared tales about how they had been accosted by the guards. And that is when Erik realized: it was never his family who were in the wrong.

The lawmen were at fault for driving them off in the first place! Redirecting his hatred towards Furskin's garrison, the unshaven savage joined his new friends in raising hell across the town.

Petty crimes of passion, mostly, but the more beer they drank, the more violent their infractions. A few days of non-stop troublemaking later, Erik came to his senses, laying naked in a pig pen next to Rex, his head hurting more than his arm that one time he got mauled by a bear.

Remembering little of what he did during his stupor, one critical sentiment remained burned in his mind: fuck the guards.

With that attitude, the loner gathered his scattered drinking buddies, and together they plotted more heinous misdeeds.

This marked the start of the Furskin Mountain-Crew, officially dubbed after they got booted out of town. Luckily, Erik knew enough about surviving in the wilderness to provide for all of them.

From a makeshift fur-tent camp, their operations continued, the group swelling with numbers after a few successful heists and robberies.

Having stolen booze to drink helped keep morale up, and no wandering trader could resist being lured in for a sip. Getting back at society felt good, but there was still something missing.

An aching, wolf-shaped hole in Erik's heart. For once, fate was with the hunter. After several years of doing crime, he woke to the sight of his long-lost soulmate sleeping next to his dog.

Confirming his identity, Fenrir was embraced both by the human and by his group. For nearly a decade, Fenrir and Erik terrorized the frigid wastes on the northern border of the human kingdom.

Together with the rest of their crew, they killed, raped, stole and pillaged wherever they went. Despite their undeniably wicked ways, the two leaders always pretended like they were doing the right thing.

Burn down a farmstead, violate a few maidens, stab the family's eldest son and pilfer enough food to last the group a month or two?

All justified because the farmer employed slave labour, and after getting intimate with a few of the indebted servants, the rest were cut free.

Such a noble action, or so the wolf and the human claimed to appease their followers. A life of crime can't last forever.

The guards were easy enough to outrun, but old age was rapidly catching up to the band of outlaws. Many of them weren't as spry and nimble as they were in their prime, and a collective urge to settle down and start a family was growing amidst the men.

However, being notoriously well-known as thugs , thieves and murderers , it was very clear that the bandits would never be able to find peace without being hunted down by the law.

They wanted to leave unlawfulness behind, but their past actions would haunt them until the day they died.

That is, until an interesting offer was brought up. Collect taxes for some spoiled noble in Varanar, and get an official pardon in return.

The band of criminals went on one last pillaging spree, sacking towns and villages on their way to the capital, local guardsmen ordered to stand down on behalf of the royal crown.

Taxation is theft, this time doubly so. With every new place they looted, Erik grew one step closer to telling Fenrir how he really felt.

But he never was one to talk about emotions and feelings. So his secret -- that he loves the wolf as more than a comrade in arms -- remains undisclosed to this very day.

And that wraps up the tale of Erik. As to how Rex managed to grow this old without seemingly aging one bit? Perhaps the rumors of a well of eternal youth are not so far-fetched after all.

Together with the rest of their crew, they killed, stole and pillaged wherever they went. All justified because the farmer employed slave labour.

Fenri Greyfur is the new name of a big, bad wolf after he gets addicted to FemPlus potions, to the point of turning into a woman. The kobold can get captured by Fenrir prior to his transformation, and depending on your actions, he may or may not end up becoming a bitch.

During the second day of their enslavement, the captive lizard is offered a choice between taking FemPlus or mPlus, but only if they were cooperative enough up to that point.

This seemingly innocuous decision can have dire consequences for Fenrir. If the kobold picks neither of the gender-bending potions, then nothing changes.

If they, however, choose one or the other, then the lupine will keep the remaining vial for himself. He chugs the liquid, and rapidly grows addicted to it.

In secret, he buys as much of the stuff as he possibly can, to sate his transformative urge. By the time the caravan arrives at Varanar, his groin has either swollen considerably, or been reduced down to a pathetic size.

By the end of the third day of enslavement, the wolf's transformation will be complete. Fenri is the result of the kobold taking the mPlus potion.

A bit less secure about her body than when she was a man, the wolfess is still more than capable of swinging her massive mace around with lethal results.

While she remains the Furskin Mountain-Crew's top dog , her underlings will definitely need some time to come to terms with their leader's new appearance.

There will be plenty of cruel pranks, crude jokes, and perhaps even some more severe turmoil, before she will be fully accepted by the group.

Since Fenri's backstory will heavily depend on the kobold's actions, the remainder of this character sheet will detail how Fenrir lost his anal virginity.

Fenrir, prior to meeting Moe, has only had submissive sex twice in his entire life. The first time, was back when he was still a bounty hunter.

Most targets were no match for the might of the big wolf. But, near the end of that particular career path, he was tasked with hunting down an impressively large bear.

Thinking the ursine would be no match for his mace, the lupine barged into the safehouse where the bandit was supposedly staying.

Stern words were exchanged. The canine readied his weapon. However, the fugitive took his opponent by surprise, displaying incredible speed and agility, every bit as impressive as his massive strength.

Before Fenrir could even take a swing at him, he was already right in the wolf's face, nullifying the mace, turning it into a useless twig, which the criminal promptly slapped out of the bounty hunter's hands.

That is when the real fight began. Flabbergasted and slightly panicking, the wolf swung at the much larger man.

First a fist, then a slashing swipe. Neither got through the bear's thick hide, which seemed even tougher than the leather armor the canine wore.

After the fearsome predator had taken a few more ineffective shots, the chuckling bandit decided it was time to retaliate.

With only one of his big, broad, burly hands, the ursine grabbed Fenrir by the throat. So impressively strong was he, that he managed to lift the grown wolf off the ground, without so much as breaking a sweat.

Choking, and in full-on panic mode, Fenrir struggled, kicked and impotently clawed at the arm holding him. But it was all in vain, achieving nothing but slightly discomforting the thug.

The bounty hunter had finally found someone who was more than a match for him. The bear roughly threw him onto the ground, the back of his head banging against the side of a table on the way down, dazing the canine to the point of almost knocking him out.

While the lupine was still reeling from the blow, the bear leisurely took off his own pants, a hefty bulge coming into view, tucked away inside of a pair of well-worn briefs.

Right as Fenrir was on the verge of collecting his senses, the air was knocked out of his lungs yet again. The heavy-weight ursine took a seat, directly on top of his chest.

His ribcage struggled to hold the massive burden of bear ass, life quite literally being squeezed out of the bounty hunter.

Yet again about to pass out, the bandit showed mercy by slightly lifting his own body, allowing Fenrir to breathe. There was only one caveat.

At the same time, the big man pressed his clothed bulge against the canine's snout. A balled up fist was all the threat the wolf needed, to know that his very life was on the line.

So he reluctantly inhaled, and then again, and again, huffing the bear's loins with every breath he took, his mind growing confused by the thick, masculine stench drowning out all rational thought.

Primal canine instincts kicked in, demanding him to submit to this better male, to the new alpha. But the lupine was not yet ready to surrender.

He still had one ace up his sleeve. The bear had lowered his guard. With a twist of his body, Fenrir managed to throw the weighty bandit off of him!

On all fours, the wolf desperately began to crawl away, headed for the door. But the moment he reached for the doorknob, his face was crudely pushed down to the floor.

The ursine had caught up. And he was done playing games. In a single swift motion, the outlaw tore off Fenrir's pants, before removing his own underwear.

Keeping the wolf pinned with one of his hands, he used the other to guide his fully erect shaft towards its mark. The lupine let out not a growl, but a meek whimper, as for the first time in his life, he was on the receiving end of a firm, and steady pounding.

But the thing that got his dick hard, wasn't being treated like a cheap piece of ass. No, it was only when the bear rubbed his freshly worn underwear in the wolf's face, that the overpowered bounty hunter grew hard, stopped resisting, and began to melt away underneath the ursine's humping.

Hours later, after having fully enjoyed every single part of the canine's body, the bandit left Fenrir in a steaming puddle of mixed bear and wolf cum.

And that's the story of the first time he bottomed for another man. Not wanting to admit to himself how much he enjoyed that encounter, the lupine has been overcompensating with an air radiating pure dominance ever since, to the point where he himself can no longer discern whether he's putting up a tough act, or if he's legitimately the big, bad wolf everyone sees him as.

The only time he's let his emotional guard down since, was when meeting Erik again, after all those years.

An evening of celebration and revelry ended in a bout of drunken sex. But both of them pretend they don't remember that night, if just to ward off awkward conversations.

The remainder of this character sheet details an event from Fenrir's past. Sadly, this event is pretty darn not safe for work, so if you want to read about it, you'll have to switch to the NSFW version of the sheet.

Fenrir Greyfur is a big, bad wolf, who may end up capturing, spanking, fucking and even enslaving the kobold, depending on your choices.

A scoundrel through-and-through, he's no stranger to fighting and brawling. With years of fighting experience, his strong arms and heavy mace can make short work of anyone who stands in his way, although he's starting to grow old, and his reflexes aren't as sharp as they used to be.

Fenrir was born to a pair of canine parents in the small town of Furskin , located in a mountain-range far northeast of Varanar, past the vast forest surrounding half of the city.

It is here, that the river which flows through the human capital originates from, and it is here that the wolf's tale begins.

Being smugglers, Fenrir's parents never had much time on their hands to look after their only child. They were always busy running wares in and out of town, meeting with shady characters and dealing in illicit goods.

Since his mom and dad were never around, the canine looked towards the neighbours whenever he needed help. But going door to door, he soon found out that most members of the tight-knit community were very reluctant to lend a hand.

The reputation of his mother and father preceded him, and everywhere the little boy went, he was blamed for their actions.

Only one family took pity on the grey-furred whelp. A small band of humans, not necessarily blood-related, squatting in an abandoned house on the outskirts of Furskin.

Being rejects and runaways themselves, they knew how tough it was to grow up alone and with nobody around.

They gave him some warm food, and a place to stay during the lonely nights that his parents were gone. He slept downstairs, with the feral dog they kept, but it was still warmer and more comfortable than sleeping alone in his empty home.

Over the course of several weeks, Fenrir grew close to one of the boys staying with the group of exiles. A dapper human chap called Erik , who had lost his parents.

Master of Rex, the dog, the only one he had left. He reminded the wolf of himself, and Erik's positive outlook always brightened the canine's day.

They became best friends, and together, they braved the perils of the small town. They scaled buildings, explored alleyways, held mock sword-fights with sticks, and teased the local girls.

It felt great, having someone to talk to, someone to confide in, someone who was there for him. All was well, for the few months that the presence of the disparate outsiders was tolerated.

But then, one night that his parents were home, one of the castaways was caught stealing. An angry mob formed in the middle of the town.

The people of Furskin were done abiding the outsiders' presence. While Fenrir slept soundly in his own bed, his sanctuary away from home was burned to the ground.

His only friends, including Erik, were driven far away, never to return. Come morning, the canine's mother and father were off to run their latest batch of illegal wares, and he was left alone to discover what had transpired over the night.

Once more, he was forsaken. Back to begging the neighbours for help. Back to being ridiculed and demeaned. Treated like a hellspawn , discriminated against because of the sins of his parents.

Constantly being treated as a pariah, and an outcast, the wolf's once-cheerful, naive demeanour soon deteriorated. The art and stories themselves can be seen here.

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Sep 12, 75 Update 2. You can rape Cassidy climax pending , or get forced to lick her feet actual licking pending , or kill her again. Reactions: ciderapple and Shilou.

Further added to the Cassidy raping and Cassidy foot fetish stuff, but still no endings to either of those.

Very low content update, sadly. Also some new art. Slimeee Newbie. Oct 8, 53 Sup kobolddev poster Alright lets play this again, its been a while since I gave it a spin.

Protip for others: its good, with very good writing, but can be a little confusing to get where you want to get, also a lot of unfinished loose ends, better use the map guide and replay it a few times making different decisions to see more stuff, there is nice amount of content already.

Last edited: Aug 19, GravGrav Active Member. Sep 25, I was wondering if this was ever going to be added here.

The game is decently big at this point, with a bunch of different paths to find and somewhat hidden scenes to discover based on your stats and items giving you different choices.

Reactions: Lota. Jun 5, 3, 6, Shit its text based? I was loving the art, too bad. Also TinkeringTurian you can msg a mod to get the game developer tag.

Dec 14, 6, Despite being nearly , words long, this game seems to be suffering from the "wider than it is deep" issue.

I was able to reach a "there is no more content after this" point a little too quickly for my taste. Jun 12, 14, Not really what I was expecting to see after a furry tag, but great art nonetheless You don't have permission to view the spoiler content.

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Agent Abide Member. Aug 12, Can you avoid gay content? Reactions: Takanao. Slimeee said:. GravGrav said:. RedPillBlues said:. The cat that conceived her was an industrious fellow, always out working his furry ass to the bone, to provide for his loving wife and newborn child.

While not uncommon, it wasn't very prestigious to marry a kobold. Not that he cared. He was happy with her, she was happy with him, and their child would grow up to understand that she is every bit as valuable as the other species are.

And that was all that mattered. Years flew by. Kitty learned how to walk and how to talk, guided by her caring parents. Then, the time came for her to go to school, a privilege for a lowly kobold like herself.

The other kids, and even the teachers were not very content with having to share their place of learning, with what they considered to be nothing more than scaly vermin.

The young, blue-scaled lizard was harassed and bullied relentlessly. But her father was so proud of his little girl learning how to read and how to write, something that he himself had never gotten a chance to, that she did not have the courage to tell him how much she hated going.

While her schoolmates went out of their way to inconvenience Kitty, seeing her dad smile, when he came home late at night, was worth the daily slog.

Whatever she was going through, she was sure that he had it ten times worse. And, encouraged by her feline father, she grew an honest interest in reading books.

In normal families, it was the man of the house that would read bedtime stories to his children. But in the Whitespots household, it was Kitty that read to her father.

The days that the school was closed, Kitty spent reading and playing in the tiny garden behind the family's cozy home.

She'd place rocks on the ground, and pretend they were the armies she'd read so much about, hundreds of thousands of men facing off against one another.

The little kobold had quite the imagination. But playing in the dirt, growing filthy was inevitable. And fresh water was not always readily available.

Kitty's pawpad-covered palm was coated in mud, more often than not. That is, until she discovered a new way to move her imaginary armies.

Staring intensely at a rock, the young kobold was surprised to suddenly see it lift , straight up, off the ground, half a foot into the air!

As she recoiled in shock, the stone fell into the mud once more. And so, Kitty learned of a gift that she had been bestowed with since birth. It was like moving a muscle she didn't even know she had.

It felt good. Like she'd spent all of her young life with an untapped source of energy, resting dormant inside of her, and now she'd finally found a way to let it out.

Playing in the backyard soon turned to training and honing her newfound ability. One rock at first. Then two.

Within a week, she was strong enough to uproot a plant. A month later, her hands were cleaner than they'd ever been before.

She no longer needed to touch her rocks to play with them. Being able to read while concentrating on levitation was a bit too much to ask for, but she was slowly getting there.

Her powers were evolving. Kitty's mother was too busy with household chores, and her father was too occupied with work, to take note of their daughter's special gifts.

The young kobold, however, did not yet know that it was best to keep her abilities to herself. Luckily, her first attempt at using them in public was a spectacular failure.

She tried to employ her powers to stop a pair of bullies from taking away her favorite book. It was then, that Kitty discovered that she could not conjure magic while under duress.

The book was torn to shreds, and many tears were shed that day. It seemed that happiness , and peacefulness were catalysts to the small lizard's sorcery.

Even the day after the incident, she was still unable to move even the smallest of pebbles, too frustrated with herself to focus on magic.

Gradually, over the course of almost an entire week, her powers returned to her. The newfound knowledge that peace of mind was paramount to employ her sorcery, was an invaluable discovery.

However, there was still one harsh lesson that Kitty had left to learn. At school once more, the introverted lizard played her imagination-driven rock-games during breaks.

Nobody paid her much mind, so a teensy bit of sorcery every now and again went completely unnoticed. That is, until the kobold decided to magically levitate and juggle a few rocks, just for fun.

Little did she know, that one of the teachers was staring out of a nearby window, catching the little wizard in the act.

When a magic user is discovered, results tend to vary. Occasionally, they'll be brought to the mages' guild, so their gift can be studied.

Other times, they'll be harassed and ostracized until they're forced to leave town. In certain, sparse few instances, things escalate even further.

This, was one such case. The teacher, not very fond of kobolds to begin with, rallied co-workers to her cause, easily convincing them that what she saw was true.

They upset the children, gathered some superstitious parents, and chased the blue-scaled lizard all the way back home. An angry mob formed outside, demanding the witch to be burned alive.

Wielding pitchforks and torches, they threatened to break down the door. The man of the house wasn't there, leaving the mother and daughter to fend for themselves.

Scared shitless, Kitty's mother did her best to bar both the front and the back doors, succeeding at holding back the murderous crowd.

The stand-off lasted for almost an entire hour, with no guards in sight. Then, finally, catching wind of what was going on, the feline father returned.

Hoping he could clear this entire mess up, the two kobolds watched him approach the group with relief in their hearts. But then, something happened that neither mother, nor daughter could have predicted.

Harsh words were exchanged. The cat demanded the crowd to disperse, claiming that the guards would deal with any allegations they had.

Barging through the mob, he stepped up to the front door of his own house. Inside, Kitty's mother cleared the barricade, and let her husband in.

The moment the door swung open, the crowd went wild. A bit of pushing and shoving later, an outraged farmer with a pitchfork cruelly stabbed the feline, driving the farming tool through his heart, right in front of his wife and child.

The sight of blood spurred the crowd on even more, drawing them in like sharks. Pushing the cat's lifeless corpse aside, they stormed the house.

Kitty's mother was grabbed and pulled into the mob. What became of her, nobody is certain. The young kobold herself fled up the stairs, attempting to hide in her room.

But the lynching hordes, calling for a public execution, were right on her tail. They burst down the door, and cornered the magical whelpling.

Fearing for her life, Kitty begged and pleaded , but her words fell on deaf ears. The torch-carrying men were already setting fire to the place, to wash away any evidence of what was done on that day, and what they were about to do still.

From amidst the crowd, a hooded stranger stepped forth. Unarmed, unlike most of his fellows. He reached for the girl, but instead of choking her to death like his peers were calling for, he tenderly took hold of her shaking hand.

Then, suddenly, in the blink of an eye, she was no longer in her burning home, but at the center of a ring of candles, in a place she had never seen before.

The stressful sensation of being teleported away, combined with the heavy emotional scarring endured that day, was enough for Kitty to pass out on the spot.

When she awoke, she found found herself tucked into a comfortable bed, with cold soup on a nightstand next to her, sunlight filtering in through a large, ornate window, and some of her favorite books arrayed on a large and dusty shelf, spanning the entire length of the impressive bedroom.

Did she die? Was this heaven? No, or so the local head of the mages' guild, who had dozed off in the corner of the room while watching over the girl that was brought in by one of his students, explained.

The guild had been watching her for quite some time, but her father declined them, whenever they suggested she be brought in for an alternative education.

But now, things had gotten out of hand, and they had no choice but to intervene. Kitty had questions. Many questions. And after some more rest, a bit of re-heated soup, a fresh change of clothes, and a warm bath with some extravagant ointments, most of those questions were answered.

She was devastated to hear that there was nothing the guild could do for her father, and even her mother was taken by the crowd. Worse yet, it was her own fault.

But, or so the headmaster promised, if she let the mages' guild guide her, then they would make sure that nothing like that would ever happen again.

The kobold found little solace in the old man's words. For a few weeks, she did nothing but sit in bed, sobbing her worries away, occasionally picking up a book to read.

At times, even the headmaster had his doubts that she would ever recover. But, eventually, after several months of intense depression, Kitty finally managed to grow a smile on her face once more, remembering the good old days, when she used to read bedtime stories to her father, and he'd pretend to be asleep.

This time, he wasn't pretending. The guards were asking questions again. They couldn't let go what had happened, during that one fateful afternoon.

The mob had blamed Kitty, claiming she murdered her parents in cold blood, although her mother's body was never found.

There were too many witnesses, concerned parents demanding the kobold be put down, lest she kill again. The sad fact was that some of them actually believed their own lies.

The mages' guild was dragged into the whole affair, since they were supposed to know all about magic. It was clear, that a change of identity was in order.

Henceforth, Kitty Whitespots would be known, quite simply as Blue. Apprentice of the mages' guild, who had spent her entire life living there, with no connection whatsoever to the brutal murder of her feline father.

The fact that she knew magic, would forever remain a secret between her, and the headmaster. Wise beyond his years, the old man personally trained his new mage-to-be.

While not a sorcerer himself -- or so he claimed -- he taught her how to better control and amplify her innate powers. How to channel them, to make plants grow, water boil, to make every object in a room levitate all at once, and to burn hidden missives, after she'd read them, of course.

The training was tough, at first. There was a lot to learn, and the death of at least one of her parents had left Blue still kind of upset, which was highly detrimental to her abilities.

But the old man was an expert at what he did. He managed to coax spellcraft from her fingers, no matter the situation.

It felt like he'd trained a thousand mages before her. And the way he mystically appeared and then disappeared again, out of thin air sometimes, had Blue questioning whether or not he knew magic himself.

It was almost surreal, how her mentor knew everything about, well, everything! It'd take at least a century to learn all that he understood.

Then again, he never did give a straight answer, when asked for his age. The growing kobold looked up to her mentor. She wanted to be just like him.

Wise and old and experienced! Well, maybe without the grey beard. More years passed. What happened to Blue's family, was long buried and forgotten, remembered only by her, her mysterious savior who she never got to meet, and the headmaster who had taught her all about what it meant to be a mage.

Use magic only when absolutely necessary, when not in public, and never in a fight, unless her life depended on it. Not like she could cast under pressure anyway.

As a trusting student-teacher relationship grew between Blue and her mentor, and as she matured into young adulthood, the tiny lizard was finally allowed to leave the guild hall without supervision.

She was sent on tiny errands, mostly to procure various alchemical ingredients for studying purposes. Furthermore, she was allowed to attend various gardens and libraries, to calm her mind, and sharpen her mystical edge.

The more relaxed she was, the better she would be able to act, when called upon in times of need. But before any real missions were entrusted to her, Blue visited a massage parlor in the wrong side of town.

The orange kobold servicing her did such a lovely job of washing away stress and worries, that the mage-in-training ended up passing out right on top of the massaging table.

She woke up in a dark and cramped room, her hands chained together, and her muzzle bound shut. Taken prisoner by the human running the place, the next few months are hard for the little lizard to recall.

Too distressed to manage even a simple teleportation spell, she was starved for weeks on end, before being forced to serve as a masseuse herself, made to give humiliating full-body massages, which often devolved into little more than reluctant lapdances for the perverted patronage of the distasteful establishment.

Surely, the guild will send someone to look for her. She won't be left to waste away for the rest of her life, locked up and treated like property, right?

Or maybe the other kobolds that she's trapped with are of more importance than she is. What use is magic anyway, if you can't use it when push comes to shove?

If only she could find inner peace in this accursed place. Alas, Blue is far too distressed to free herself.

Will Moe come to the half-feline's aid, or will her potential be squandered, as she is forced to serve until she grows old and withers?

Mage, or slave? You decide. Cassidy Butterscotch is a female, anthropomorphic fox in the prime of her life, breeding kobolds in a run-down village on the outskirts of Varanar.

Formerly the wife to a prestigious farmer, all that remains of her vulpine husband is the farm they bought together. The acres of land he once used to work have all gone barren, overrun by weeds and wildlife.

When Moe encounters the nudist woman, she tries to trick the kobold into becoming one of her livestock. Instead of falling for her ruse, Moe can share tea with her.

They can have consensual sex, she can be murdered in cold blood, or she can buy the kobold as a slave. Whether you fuck her, kill her, tie her to her own breeding table or get bought by her, the vixen will surely never forget her fateful encounter with the determined, green-scaled kobold.

If the two meet at all, that is. Born into a loving family of purebred foxes, Cassidy was never devoid of care and attention when she was little.

Her father, a hard-working man named Cyrus , was especially fond of his tiny girl. The two played and laughed and had fun together for most of her youngest years.

When he wasn't busy working, he spent every waking moment together with his darling child. She was the pride and joy of his existence, a spot she snagged from her own mother, who had fallen from her husband's grace.

Flora Butterscotch, last name granted to her by her other half. She used to own a flower shop in town, which she gave up when she became pregnant with Cassidy.

Despite loving her husband with all of her heart, something was missing from their relationship. Especially after giving birth, her overly gentle spouse could no longer satisfy her in bed.

She wasn't as tight as she used to be, and Cyrus was never the most hung canine in town. He couldn't sate her rising need.

In secret, Flora wanted to be degraded and humiliated , thrown across the room, slapped and scratched and pinched and toyed with.

She tried, oh-so many times to make this clear to her partner, but he never got the message. To him, making love was a kind and gentle affair, full of kissing and cuddling and a lot of other things she had to pretend to enjoy.

Luckily, their unsatisfying time together was often cut short, either by him finishing early, or by their daughter demanding attention.

Cyrus was, perhaps, a bit too concerned with their daughter. If he'd spent even half the time rubbing Flora's belly like he did Cassidy's, she could maybe get her rocks off for once in their relationship.

Heck, if he spanked her like he did their daughter, she'd go nuts. But alas, despite the signs being clear, it was simply not meant to be.

Flora's frustration grew too big to be contained to the bedroom. And thus, the shaky foundations of their relationship began to fall apart.

As Cassidy grew old enough to start attending a church-ran school, her life at home was no longer all sunshine and rainbows. While they tried to hide their disagreements from their daughter as best as they could, the young vixen often came home to the lovely sounds of her parents arguing.

At such a young, impressionable age, the constant back-and-forth left a traumatic mark on the girl's mind, bad memories she would carry with her for the rest of her life.

Not too long after Cassidy began her education, the merchant her father worked his ass off for went out of business.

The shop itself was thriving , but the owner had racked up a considerable gambling debt. One that could not be repaid without selling everything.

And just like that, Cyrus was left unemployed. Reduced to odd jobs here and there, the money he made was barely enough to keep the family fed and clothed.

Despite trying his very hardest, the fox was simply not fit to perform most manual labor in town. There were horses and ogres and orcs and bears and half a dozen other larger species eager to work for less than he was asking.

As if being unable to please his wife in bed wasn't enough, now Cyrus couldn't even support her and his lovely daughter anymore. But, Flora had an idea.

A way to fix all of their problems. He vehemently begged her not to do it, but Cyrus was powerless to stop his dead-set spouse. One fateful night, she broke his heart by walking out of the front door.

The next morning, she returned with an entire bag full of gold, and a coat of fur full of spunk from the various suitors she'd been with.

For the first time since they got together, Flora reached her climax, albeit in the arms of another man. And she liked it.

Sleeping by day, sleeping around by night. Cyrus was devastated. In the span of a week, it was as though all the vibrancy had been drained from his fur.

His jolly, cheerful demeanor turned sour and bitter. Cassidy suffered the most from this. While the constant money-arguments were a thing of the past, and her family could afford proper food once more, her father was no longer interested in playing with her.

The man she looked up to the most, had been broken down into a husk of his former self. And it hurt every evening she had to go to sleep without being tucked in, without being read a bedtime story, without so much as a good night from her dad, blankly staring at the door, waiting for his wife to come home.

But the family had not hit rock bottom yet. There was still a long way down to go. Instead of leaving the house to do her job , Flora began to invite her suitors to her home.

Cyrus tried to stand up to them, but there was only so much a lone fox could do against someone twice his size, in more ways than one. And so, Cassidy was exposed to sex for the first time in her life, coming home to her father crying in a corner, bruised and beaten, her mother howling in pleasure from the bedroom, wildly riding a burly horse's impressive length, not even caring that her daughter was looking on from the open doorway.

Things deteriorated from thereon out. Cassidy's father grew even more detached and distant. He was forced to do various acts by his wife's often-violent clients.

They began to show up in groups, and showed no regard to the family's property or privacy. Violated, degraded and humiliated, there was little left that Cyrus dared to deny them.

The only thing he was still willing to fight for, was his growing daughter. They could not, and they would not have her. Several nights, sometimes even multiple in a row, Cassidy was made to spend at a nearby inn, to save her from the worst of the debauchery.

Flora kept insisting she be allowed to stay, or perhaps even join them. Her lithe, supple young body could be worth so much money.

And maybe she could even learn a trick or two from her darling mother. But there was one thing Cyrus was clear about. He'd rather die than let his wife dig her claws into Cassidy.

The young vixen was off limits. With her maturing body, and her peculiar household situation, it came to nobody's surprise that Cassidy grew an early interest in boys.

At the inn, she met with a lovely young fox by the name of Horus Cinnamon , working as a maid , of the male variety. He was clever, insightful and funny.

He offered a listening ear, for her to vent about how horrible things were at home, and a strong, but somewhat feminine shoulder to cry on whenever she felt emotional.

In a way, he reminded her of her father, before things took a turn for the worse. The church-ran school shut down.

Lack of funding. It's not like the nuns had much left to teach the aging population of their classes. And so, Cassidy was left with a choice.

Spend time at home, being harassed by her mother's suitors, or help out her boyfriend with his work. An easy decision.

Cleaning rooms together was far more fun than watching both her parents get abused by rude, burly men. Plus, she earned a bit of pocket money in the process.

On top of that, the owner of the inn, understanding of the young vulpine's situation, let her sleep there for free, as long as she put in some good work.

Spending time at the inn was almost enough to make her forget about home. It was inevitable. Everyone knew it was coming.

Cyrus put up a bit too much of a fight. One of the men brought a knife. One thing lead to another.

He didn't survive the night. He was found dead in the streets, halfway between home and the inn. Bled out to the point where he could no longer walk.

Then, he crawled for half a block, leaving a large trail of blood in his wake, before finally collapsing onto the cold, hard ground.

He wanted to see his daughter, one last time. But even that, he could not do. Cyrus died a failure. But in Cassidy's eyes, he was a hero.

He was her hero. He was her father. He died, trying to see her. Maybe her mother was right. If she'd been at home, none of this would have happened.

But it was his wish, that she stay as far away from her mother's whoring as she possibly could. And that wish would be honored.

While the young vixen grieved, wept and mourned at her father's grave, her boyfriend was lured home by her mother. He reminded her of her lost husband, as much as he reminded Cassidy of her father, only bigger in all the places that mattered, and far more kinky in bed.

In secret, they began to see each other, behind Cassidy's back. She never caught wind of her boyfriend's affair. He loved her, but her mother was so much more experienced and wild.

He was torn between the two. Luckily, it was very rare for all three of the foxes to be assembled in one place.

Cassidy avoided her mother like the plague, rightfully blaming her for what happened to dad. As the older vixen used the money she made to build her very own brothel, the younger girl and her boyfriend pooled their saved up funds together, to buy a large house in a rural hamlet, outside of the city walls.

The day the Golden Fox was opened for business, the growing couple moved away from Varanar. Horus worked the fields, Cassidy sold the produce.

She cooked and cleaned, and every day he came home, he had a warm meal, a warm bath and a warm bed to look forwards to. A few months later, they got married.

The entire village came to celebrate. Even that one old owl, who never really seemed to talk to anyone outside of his store.

Cinnamon and Butterscotch. They were made for one another. Life was good. Simple , but good. It was nice, to be away from the crowded city-center.

Sure, the house was a bit too big for the two of them, and farming was a dirty job when compared to cleaning inn rooms, but it was wholesome and rewarding.

They grew their own food, and whatever was left over, was sold for gold. Most importantly, they were far away from Flora.

But distance alone, wasn't enough to dissuade Horus. Cassidy was much like her father. A genuinely nice person and a good spouse, but a bit vanilla in the sack.

Her husband had hoped that a taste of country life would spice things up a little, but alas, his wife remained meek and tame. She loved him too much to dominate him like her mother used to do.

And that was not something the lusty fox could stay away from for long. Instead of working the fields, Horus snuck away to spend time with Flora in secret.

At first, it was a one time thing. But he couldn't get enough of it. More and more frequently, he abandoned his duties to cheat on his wife with her mother.

When caught, he'd come up with some stupid excuse like running off to buy a new plow, or asking a friend in Varanar for farming tips.

His lies were transparent, but Cassidy was blindly loyal to her other half. He was probably preparing a big surprise for her, or something.

Flora wasn't content with Horus' sporadic visits. She wanted more of her boytoy. She invited him, to come run the Golden Fox with her.

They could share clients. His deepest, darkest desires would become a reality. A reality, which he would be paid for. Far more than he could ever make, farming mud in the middle of nowhere.

It was a difficult decision to make. Staying at a farm with the love of his life, or becoming a rich male prostitute in the middle of town, living out his every fantasy.

In the end, it wasn't the money that convinced him. It was the the promise of complete sexual liberation.

To be free to do whatever he wanted, with whoever he wanted, instead of being confined to a single, boring mate.

It was his dream, and if he had to break Cassidy's heart to get there, then so be it. Horus couldn't muster up the courage to tell Cassidy.

To say that he wanted to split up. That he'd be happier living with her mother. She wouldn't understand.

Like most days, without informing his wife, he snuck away from the hamlet, headed for the city. He never returned. For weeks, the young vixen waited, hoping her lover would return.

She feared the worst. That he'd been abducted. Forcibly conscripted into a militia. Taken out by rival farmers. Arrested by a corrupt guard.

The thought that he'd willingly left her, never crossed the vulpine's mind. Every day he stayed away, she died a little more. After many months, her tears ran dry.

She accepted the fact that he was gone. Cassidy, alone, could not run the farm. She wasn't cut out to work the fields, and she didn't know the first thing about growing crops.

The food they'd stockpiled in the barn was running out. It reminded her of Horus, whenever she took a bite. She missed her husband so much.

She needed a new source of income. But what could she, a lone woman, do with a large farm and acres of land?

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